GameOn 2017


Place: Vilnius1
Dates: Sep 16-17 2017
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GameOn is the largest video game industry event in the Baltic region. Born in the minds of avid gamers, game developers, journalists and eSports enthusiasts, GameOn first opened its doors in 2015. The venue was packed to the brim and GameOn 2016 was a no-brainer. The overwhelming success proves that the crowds are hungry for such events and we aim to bring the best of the best in 2017 as well.

The event is split into a few parts with appeal to different audiences. Some come to seek adventure and experience a game that might change the way they think or try a gadget they might’ve not even heard of before. Others crave knowledge or want to discover wondrous things in lectures and workshops. And some look for pure FUN and want to enjoy thrilling shows like cosplay or eSports competitions.






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