Growing a business in the gaming industry is as hard as any other field. Only the strongest and most prepared warriors achieve victory on the battlefield of conference rooms and meetings!



Tastefully put together presentations, the ability to get good meetings, and well-rehearsed pitches that slay potential partners like a well-sharpened sword will all help you reach success.


Hours of testing, tons of feedback, and your own resourcefulness will help you quickly come up with answers to any unexpected or tricky questions. If you can be prepared for any turn of events, and close any gaps or weak spots in your presentation, you’ll have a sturdy, reliable shield.


Only a well-trained body can stand up to the long line of big events. The experience you earn advancing projects will become trusted armor on your shoulders.


Creativity, knowledge of trends, and general erudition will unite your skills. Your wisdom will allow you to use every aspect of your intellect at the right time and place. It will be the shining helm, completing your collection of equipment.


Many glorious gaming business development battles lie ahead! Together, we shall unite our projects and services, build long-lasting relationships between companies, and make the gaming industry even better!

Join the BizDev Warriors clan for the glory of the great and powerful BizDev God! Farewell!